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The Colors In My Life

7 April 2004 12:54

What do you get when you combinepurple hair, green tiled apartment, blue screen of death, and just recently a black out that damaged my main home computer and other electronics? A pretty screwy phase in my life I tell you.


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Remix/Remake In Progress

6 April 2004 14:51

Two songs:

  • Hey Ya by Outkast (featuring Kelab Pemain Kompang Walimatul Urus)
  • Ishhh Isshhh (dangdut version of Holly Valance's Kiss Kiss to be sung by Mas Idayu or Ella)
No, you won't get to hear it.


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Interesting Toys

4 April 2004 04:36

Enough to keep the amateur photographer cum rollercoaster enthusiast cum bedroom DJ geek happy for a while.

Also enough to keep the amateur photographer cum rollercoaster enthusiast cum bedroom DJ geek broke for a while.


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Muhibbah Is Not A One Way Street

2 April 2004 08:46

I once (in my ignorance) asked my late grandfather if he was ever bothered by the "commotion" coming from the Chinese temple in the kampung whenever there were those festivities or occassions going on. What he said in return was something that's hard for me to forget, "If they (the Chinese folks) can put up with the azan (call of prayers) from the mosque every dawn, why can't we do the same for them just once in a while?"

That conversation was over a decade ago. The mentality and tolerance of simple kampung people even as far back as the 50s and 60s are so much better than some of those who are reputedly 'better educated and learned' living in towns and cities these days it seems. Sad isn't it?

Update (April 2): This entry got picked up bySuaraMalaysia.


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