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If Parents Acted Like Bush

8 March 2004 09:00

We're not going to see anything similar to the "If Parents Acted Like Bush" campaign ad for our upcoming elections, that's for sure. What we may see will most probably be more and more of thepetty, callous and, most of all, un-Islamic stuff, I reckon.


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Reflecting On One's Own Race

6 March 2004 10:33

Interesting perspectives from a Malay in Malaysia and a Malay in Singapore. Read. Digest. Reflect. Thanks to Bart for pointing out the link for the latter.


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Meeting Malaysia's Former First Lady

4 March 2004 03:54

Little did I know when I woke up this morning that I will be shaking hands and having a quick word with Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah at the launch of Multimedia University's Career Fair where my company is participating. That's just about the only different thing that happened today (or the last couple of months for that matter). Meeting famous people don't change my life much. Meeting, interacting and working with people I see everyday are the ones that do if you ask me. Still, I consider it an honor getting to meet the wife of our former Prime Minister. I just didn't figure it was gonna be today.


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Kikis (Hanya Kerana Aku Jejaka)

2 March 2004 15:56

Continuing on my previous post about Anita Sarawak's song 'Seksis', here's the male sung version of the song titled 'Kikis':

Jangan anggap ku sederhana
Hanya kerana aku jejaka
Walaupun tak setampan mana
Engkau pun apa kurangnya

Jangan ingat aku selamba
Nanti engkau pulak yang tercabar
Usahlah merayu lagi
Jelas sudah kau syok sendiri
Godaanmu akan ku tangkis
Kerana kau memang kaki kikis

Read the full lyrics for Kikis. The release of this cover song has caused repercussions of sorts. Dewan Bahasa Pustaka now has to reconsider the inclusion of the word 'syok' into future editions of Kamus Dewan and the government to seriously consider the formation of the new Ministry of Men & Extramarital Affairs. Afdlin Shauki's song Aku Lelaki will be made the anthem for the said ministry.


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Don't Look With Just One Eye

1 March 2004 05:25

Couple of weeks ago, Mingguan Malaysia (Utusan Malaysia's weekend edition) in its entertainment news section ran a stinging write-up accusing Edry (of KRU) of mangling Bahasa Melayu for use of supposed non-existent words and colloquials in the lyrics of Anita Sarawak's single 'Seksis' (watch/download the music video - Windows Media only). The song was subsequently banned from the being aired on RTM (Heh! Does it matter anymore with themajority tuning in to Era.FM, where the song is topping the chart, nowadays?). Edry's not one to keep quiet over the issue and has thus responded (with eloquence and tact too I'd say) with his take on the definition of the song 'Seksis'.

More often than not, I find Utusan's entertainment editorials have been barking up the wrong tree or making a mountain out of a molehill. They oughtta just stick with providing artists' gossips (i.e. who's hooking/breaking up with whom, who just came back from umrah, etc. etc.) 'cos they seem to be good at that really. If they're really intent on stopping the mangling of Bahasa Melayu, get Dewan Bahasa to stop blindly adopting English words into Bahasa Melayu's vocabulary. Fix the root cause (Dewan Bahasa), not the symptom (Edry).


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