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My Life's Very Own BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)

31 March 2004 02:26

Nothing like getting a core/memory dump from a crash, especially after a long struggle with denial of service. It seems that the bigger the memory space used, the bigger the size of the dump file. The three finger salute doesn't seem to yield any response and the reset button is not there. What else is there besides yanking the power out?


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How To (Accidentally) Renovate Someone Else's Apartment II

30 March 2004 02:56

Well, what's done is done. Some of the stuff that were (accidentally) done were stuff that I wanted to do anyways (e.g. grilles, lights, fans, floor polish, additional lighting points). I asked around prior to this about the cost to do up the apartment like that and the ballpark figure given was around RM4500-5000. So just to be fair to the contractor, I paid him slightly over half of what he wanted. At least it will cover some of the material cost for him (with the exception of the green tiles) and definitely much better than having to tear down the stuff that he had done. I reckon the sight of the green tiles would make a good conversation item when people come round to visit.

Read the earlier posting of How To (Accidentally) Renovate Someone Else's Apartment if you wanna know what happened.


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Allergic To Girls

29 March 2004 17:37

So THAT's what it is...


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How To (Accidentally) Renovate Someone Else's Apartment

26 March 2004 13:51

Well, I don't know how but it happened anyways. Thing is, it wasmy recently completed apartment that got the accidental renovation treatment. And it was no surpriseCasa Impian job either (as is obvious by the green colored tiles for the apartment's entrance and balcony). A contractor was supposed to renovate someone else's apartment on the same floor as mine but he mistakenly renovated my apartment instead. He found this out when he got the owner of the other apartment to inspect the apartment after completing the renovation. Somehow, accidentally turning my hair purple doesn't sound as silly as it did before.


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Lose Control

25 March 2004 05:52

Trash my ego
Kick my stereo
Make my head blow
I always lose control


Update (2315 hours): Just in case if you were wondering what this was all about earlier, it's a song that I've included on this mix track I'm working on. Just to give you a whiff of it, here's a 150 second sample (out of the hour long mix) for your ear bleeding pleasure. Featuring Stirfry's Lose Control and yours truly's mad turntable scratching mangling skillz. Thank you Technics SL-1210 MK5, Vestax PMC-05D, Cool Edit Pro 1.0 and SBLive!.


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You Scratch My Back And I Scratch Yours

20 March 2004 03:43

I like the election banners spotted at Pokok Sena, Kedah where my friend had his wedding reception yesterday. The Barisan banner reads: "Insya'Allah semua pakat sokong PAS" (God willing everyone will support PAS) and the PAS banner reads: "Insyaallah kami undi Barisan Nasional" (God willing we're voting Barisan Nasional).


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Selamat Pengantin Baru: Ridhuan & Zaiton

19 March 2004 15:13

A good friend of mine (and one of thenicest and most helpful chaps anyone could come across) back at uni held his wedding reception at his parents place in Pokok Sena, Kedah today. To see the beaming and gleaming couple on a joyous occasion like this is definitely worth the solo four hour plus drive there and back again! Moga berbahagia dan berkekalan hingga ke anak, cucu, cicit dan seterusnya!


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A Prayer For The Ex (or Ex-es)

17 March 2004 17:13

I want her to be happy. No matter what that means. I want her to find someone who will treat her with all the love she deserved from me. I want her to meet someone who will see her always, as I do now... through Your eyes. -- Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey inBruce Almighty).

I'm also praying that my list for this prayer doesn't grow anymore.


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How To (Accidentally) Turn Your Hair Purple

16 March 2004 06:03

Woke up late. Jumped into bathroom. Turned on shower. Ran out of shampoo. Used sister's leftover shower gel instead. Applied toothpaste on toothbrush. Brushed teeth with right hand while worked lather on head with left hand. Rinsed mouth, head and body until clean. Toweled off and put on clothes. Combed hair. Ate breakfast. Drove to office. Blablabla. Come lunchtime while walking to warong friend says: "That's some funky purple tinge you got on your hair, dude!" Anti-stress indeed.


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Milk Shapes

15 March 2004 04:08

My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard; And they're like; It's better than yours; Damn right it's better than yours...

From Kathleen Fent's Mad Cows


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