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Must I Really Own A Car?

1 February 2004 11:32

I would avoid buying a car if I could (with my study and housing loan to pay back, less is best! That's also one less asshole you're gonna have to deal with on the road). But reality is that it's just not possible, especially here in the Klang Valley. Like it or not, our public transportation is just piss poor. Somebody just didn't finish their homework when it came to capacity and route planning. Why just two coaches for the Putra LRT and KL Monorail? And how many get off/on at stations like Abdullah Hukum or Kampung Baru anyways? As for taxis and buses, the drivers' attitudes leave a lot to be desired which is further compounded by internal squabblings and politicking within their associations and companies. I would go cage-less if I am not so much of a wuss could but I really feel that our roads are just too dangerous for motorcyclists with no proper separate lanes built that makes it safe for them (and other road users) to use, what more with theappalling attitude of some drivers in this country. All this perhaps could have been avoided had the parties responsible put some thought into everything in the first place (ever heard Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance?) and forsake the interest in getting quick gains instead of the interests of the majority tax/toll/fare/excise end payers.


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