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Living With Mediocrity

8 January 2004 00:07

I think we've all somewhat grown accustomed to accept mediocrity as part of our lives in this country. Whenever complaints are made about bad or poor service, there would be some voices who will say "Y'know, you should be thankful that you even have so-and-so 'cos some people in other place have been living without so-and-so all their lives." Thankful, yes -- not as a benchmark! You can't (and shouldn't) use that as a yardstick for comparison 'cos if you do, it'll just lead to complacency! While we may have those so-and-so, there are other people on the face of this planet who are already the best in so-and-so. Can't"boleh-ism" for once be applied in terms of being the best instead of having the typical biggest, longest, tallest, etc. etc.?


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Who? Me? Angry?

5 January 2004 02:29


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Purdue Rallies But Loses To Georgia In OT

2 January 2004 23:16

Via AP:

Kregg Lumpkin redeemed himself for a stunning fumble late in regulation, scoring on a 1-yard run in the first overtime to give No. 11 Georgia a 34-27 victory over No. 12 Purdue in the Capital One Bowl on Thursday.
Read the rest of it.


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Closing 2003

1 January 2004 15:58

Some year 2003 turned out to be. So what's in store for me in 2004? Is it really gonna bethis? Or this? They both crack me up as being amusing than anything else. I reckon I'm just gonna be playing it by ear for the coming 12 months.

Toldya I was gonna be a homeboy on New Year's Eve. Make it good in 2004, people.


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