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The Recent Revamp

21 December 2003 15:54

As mentioned earlier, here's the scoop on the recent work I've done to this site:

It's been long overdue actually. Ah Bert has had it since long ago and just recently, Spoonfork has done his site over as well. Out of boredom in the recent abundance of spare time I got on my hands, I decided to just sit down and start working on it again. In the end, this site has become what it is that you see now. From the need to make the site very skinnable (totally table-less HTML code made possible through the magic of CSS), it has enabled me to add on a couple more features from the code rewrite. This site now features an RSS feed (for you people using news readers like RSS Reader, Intravnews (personal favorite), FeedDemon, Mozilla RSS Reader Panel (also another personal favorite) and those insane enough to syndicate the headlines of this site), easily accessible yearly archives (for those who bother to read the ramblings written so far by yours truly through the years) and also less prone to SQL injections (you just gotta when you got friends like Spoonfork to kick your ass around when it comes to these things! :P). With the code rewrite, it is now also possible for me to re-write the underlying code to ASP.NET and even PHP. It's gonna be sometime before those versions will see the light of day though. But heck! It just feels darned good to get this one finally done and I'm just gonna let it sink in before I get off my ass to finish the other two versions (yes, I've started on it already and they will only be ready When It's DoneĀ™). Heh!

PS: The About and Contact pages also got updated. Did I mention that the website is very printer friendly too? Comes in handy to immortalize those rather "interesting" comments made by "interesting" visitors onto dead trees. Heheh!


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Wearing Out & Greying Out

18 December 2003 17:56

Ever had one of those days where you would ask yourself if it really is worth the time and effort to get out of bed and go through the day as you normally would? My clock is not winding at all these past few days for some reason. Perhaps the mind is "shocked" with the nothingness that follows what has been a rather intense two months of non-stop stream of work for me. I really gotta find me some distractions to balance things out a bit in my day to day doings. I suppose being too focused on something isn't that good after all 'cos once it's all over and done with, you end up being in some kinda withdrawal symptom or worse, burn out. Right now, based on the amount of grey hair that has been growing on my head already, I'd say I'm halfway between the two.


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See Anything Different?

16 December 2003 18:25

No? Perhaps it's a bit too subtle then. In case if you miss the old look, you can always switch it back and forth as you like. Few other features were added, some stuff underneath the hood got redone while some stuff might come off looking a bit out of place for now but I think I'll just leave it at that and clean it up as I go along. The explaining to all this will have to come another day. I'm just too beat right now.


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Geeking Out With Grand Geeks

13 December 2003 02:20

I was up till 5.30am this morning helping outSpoonfork and gang on prepping the machines for theCapture The Flag game at the Hack In The Box Security Conference 2003. All because I forgot the admin password on one of the boxes I set up as the domain controller! I guess that's the payback I get for bailing out on the earlier discussions and meetings with the organizing group. :P It was a humbling experience indeed being in the presence of greatness like the Last Stage of Delirium (LSD) group, H.D. Moore (whom I had the pleasure of having a quick chat with) and local legend himself Alphaque. Greetz and respect also go out to them other l33t d00dz likeL33tdawg (thankers for the t-shirt, chief!) and Alphademon. Come witness all the geeky greatness yourself at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center, Mid Valley Megamall this weekend!


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Marang Perapu Kepunden Parang Sekeper

5 December 2003 04:09

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Moving With Hazard Lights = Hazard

3 December 2003 02:44

There's a reason why hazard lights are meant to be turned on only when the car is stationary. Other drivers can't tell if you're going to turn left or right when the car is moving with the hazard lights on. It's simple common sense isn't it? Yet, countless Malaysian drivers have this habit of turning on the hazard lights when it rains heavily. Can't they just simply turn the headlights on? As Dinesh puts it, Malaysians can't drive for nuts.


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The Warzone That Is Our Roads

1 December 2003 17:02

At this time of writing, close to 170 people have died on the roads in the recent "balik kampung" exodus since November 20. Compare that with the casualty rate of the US soldiers in Iraq (300 since May 3), our roads seem to be much more dangerous than Iraq. Theexplosives used on NKVE notwithstanding, we don't even need bombs to amass such a high bodycount. Surely it's not something to crow about in typical"Malaysia Boleh" style, is it? Al Fatihah.


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