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Lord Of The Ringtones 2: The Two 'Tones

10 August 2003 09:07

Fumbled around with some more MIDI stuff on the computer today and as a sequel to the first Lord Of The Ringtones, I bring you KRU's Awas andLimp Bizkit's Take A Look Around for your polyphonic phone's perusal. Go bleed other people's ears with 'em.

In other news, Spoonfork, now emancipated from being a wage slave, managed to sucker convince me to help him out prepare for the Hack In The Box Security Conference 2003. Oughtta be interesting!

Yes, the last posting now holds the record for the most number of comments posted on this website! Amazing how things can have a life of its own sometimes, especially from the "2 Guys And A Girl" who commented the most! Thanks Bart, Zin, Lyna, Seme and Dide!

Ati is graduating this weekend! Congratulations! Welcome to the Boilermaker Alumni family! ;)


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Unpredictable Women

6 August 2003 20:26

I like that caption on that Phuturecam screencapture (taken off the TV show Scrubs -- the caption translates to "The most interesting thing about women is that they're unpredictable" for all you non-Malay speaking people). First, they're hard to understand and now they're unpredictable. Interesting combination indeed! Despite all that, as once said by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince in Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble: "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!" ;)


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Dangdut Is Not The Music Of My Country

6 August 2003 04:10

But it apparently is for these bunch of guys (right click and "Save as..." ~77MB in size). If you've got the bandwidth and time to spare, try downloading the video clip. Very Linkin Park-ish song about unity by an Indonesian band. Just watch out for the chorus. ;)


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Thane & Eany's Wedding Dinner

4 August 2003 18:02

Went up to Penang over the weekend to attend Thane and Eany's wedding dinner. The last time they were here, they were still a couple. This time around, they came here as husband and wife. The both of them got married last year at Virginia and the dinner reception is an 'extension' of their wedding for those of us on this side of the planet who couldn't make it there last year! I've known Eany since we were kids since she and her family lived just across the street from our house. She met Thane when they were at college and have pretty much been together since (and that's 10 years, folks!). They both have had it good so far but I'm sure the best times of their lives are in the years ahead!


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Negaraku: The Remix 2.0

1 August 2003 08:57

Our national anthem will be rearranged yet again for the second time in just over a decade (news originally appeared in yesterday's Utusan Malaysia). Not only that, the lyric Negaraku will be changed to Malaysiaku to supposedly "instil a deeper sense of love for the nation among the people". Go figure. Anyway, in light of all this, I've decided to release a Negaraku polyphonic ringtone for all you patriotic polyphonic phone owners out there and aspecial remix version of it done by yours truly in a fit of insanity back in 1995. I still like the old version (pre-1992 remix) better.


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