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This Is Not Porn

30 July 2003 08:34

I'm promising you that it isn't! Go ahead! Even a four year old will find it harmless! I dare you NOT to click it!

They're actually words that sound dirty, but aren't.


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Dumb And Dumbass

29 July 2003 06:50

Nemo the Akademi Fantasia cat, fooled by his own reflection and our cat Epee, fooled by theAquarium Screensaver running on my laptop.


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Some Things Get Lost

25 July 2003 16:16

You said you'd realized in life
That chances pass you by
And what you thought was yours
Slowly fades before your eyes
And part of growing up
Is that you can't go back in time
You have to live with your regrets
The things you leave behind


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Folksy Females

24 July 2003 17:20

I'm kinda hooked on folksy female artists and their songs these days likeSam Shaber (All Of This), Alice Peacock (Bliss featuring John Mayer), Rachel Lloyd, Bic Runga, Amiel, Abra Moore. Mention any more and it's gonna sound like a Lilith Fair line-up! The summery breezy feel of their songs is a nice change from the usual ballistic bass-bin bombardment of N.E.R.D., DMX, The Chemical Brothers, Future Sound Of London, The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, Josh Wink, etc. that I have blasting out of the car stereo. I did try to look for their CDs at some CD shops around town but as usual, they only stock *cough*ghey*cough* bands like Natural or Blue or something like that at the moment. Not much of their stuff on the P2P networks so far though. Sigh. Anyway, they're being featured over onCybersoniqueFM. Enjoy.


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24 July 2003 06:55

Noticed this at the mamak shop I usually have lunch at.

Don't let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.
- Richard L. Evans


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Lord Of The Joget Ringtone

21 July 2003 15:55

Ayah got himself a Nokia 6610 phone on his birthday. Now, don't go asking me why he chose such a high end phone for himself 'cos it's really beyond me (he doesn't subscribe to GPRS or WAP service, he almost never sends any SMS-es and he still couldn't key in items into the address book by himself till today). It's a nifty phone nonetheless. Anyway, he's been pestering me for a nice ringtone for the phone since the day he got it. I'm not a ringtone junkie by any stretch (I keep my own mobile on vibrate mode all the time) and I can't find anything out there that offers decent polyphonic ringtones so I consider it a big deal being able to come up with thisjoget polyphonic ringtone. Ruff Ryders' Anthem or Doraemon just sounded weird on him. I try to be the good son sometimes. :P


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Malaysia Tak "Boleh-wood"

19 July 2003 03:23

While I'm not surprised that City Hall will not issue any more performing licenses to Instant Cafe Theatre (ICT) over the latter's refusal to remove the so-called "offensive" bits in their "Boleh-wood" show, I'm somewhat disappointed that City Hall has chosen to take on this path instead. If some politicians are mature enough to take on some jokes at their own expense, then what's biting this so called "True Malay Critic"? A lot of other people seem to be able to enjoy and accept the content of the show just fine. I mean, face it -- if you're not gonna hear some of the jokes or parody on stage, you're gonna hear it over few glasses of teh-tarik or whatever beverage that you fancy at your favorite watering hole anyways. I've seen Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002, Why You So Fat, Actorlympics 2002 andActorlympics 2003. Almost all of the shows poke fun at anything Malaysian (with a generous serving of Singaporean stuff too while they're at it) because it's true in real life anyways! This whole thing just confirms that some Malayisans just can't take a joke and laugh at themselves really. Perhaps "True Malay Critic" should then be critical to the things in real life that led them to come up with those jokes and parody in the first place. Anyhow, we should all be happy now 'cos we can only watch Senario's brand of comedy be performed in public after all this.


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Of Shoes And Partners

15 July 2003 15:23

My friend Shareena has this to say on her 28th birthday today:

I remember saying to my hubby before that finding the right partner is like looking for a pair of shoes. Mesti ada yang salah, ada cutting tak betullah, colour tak kenalah, sometimes the perfect cut, the most beautiful design but from kulit babi. Jumpa the perfect pair bila dah beli pakai melecet. Macam orang jugak, kadang-kadang you jumpa semua tak kena tapi after a while mana tahu comfortable. Ada yang perfect pair tapi kalau beli pakai melecet buat apa. Kalau nasib baik yang tahan melecet tu bila dah lama comfy pulak sebab dah lembut kan. So you must continue searching for the perfect pair!
Heh! I just gotta stop losing my shoes at the mosque whenever I go for my Friday prayers...


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Go Sista, It's Your Birthday

13 July 2003 03:30

My Dad was either sneaky or smart (or sneaky smart) back in 1977. I think he wanted another kid as a present on his next birthday the following year and so he kinda worked it out with Mom. About 9 months later, just 5 days after he celebrated his 39th birthday, Adik was born.

Happy Birthday, Adik!


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Introducing CybersoniqueFM

11 July 2003 05:27

Got most of the kinks worked out already. Feel free to try out the all new CybersoniqueFM! Now with real-time "what's playing" song info! ;)

Update (16:45 hours): Okay! So it *oughtta* beMozilla friendly now! You'll need to have the J2RE installed however (I tested with1.4.2) and Windows Media Player itself, of course. Thanks to Spoonfork for that kick in the 'nads. :P

Update (July 11): The Mozilla one is flaky at best as it turns out. It works well on my home PC but on my laptop it just chokes and barfs. I'm too tired and a bit under the weather to figure it out now. Oh well. There's always the original link that you can use if you wanna listen. The real-time novelty thingy will wear off soon anyways. We now return you to the normal transmission...


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