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With My Mind On My Money And My Money On My Mind

1 February 2003 13:17

Sometimes, money is not the be all and end all of everything. I suppose I'm privileged enough right now that extra money is nice to have and not a must have. Mind you, I still need money, but I reckon I make just about enough right now to get by without having to beg, borrow or steal from anybody. What's the point of having loads of extra money but not having the opportunity or be in the state of health (physical and mental) to enjoy the fruits of that hard labor and spend it? One might argue that I'm being myopic and content on "winging it" through life. I'll say, there are just other things in life that money can't buy for me right now: My family, my company of friends, my health and my sanity (or insanity depending on how well you know me! :P) and my own time. Like I said, extra money is nice but I don't see the need for it now and certainly not at the expense of any of those things I just mentioned.

Yes, I was offered something attractive but turned it down. There's always a catch when it comes to these things and I reckon it wasn't worth the expense.


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