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Newcomer Norah Jones' Big Sweep

25 February 2003 16:20

I once mentioned that Norah Jones was a promising artist when I first heard her perform during the Late Show with David Letterman. So it was no surprise that she made a deserving clean sweep in all the categories she was nominated for in this year's Grammy Awards. As opposed to Avril "whyjagossagassameesamassacomplicated" Lavigne in which she did an India.Arie like a year ago, i.e. totally shut out from winning any awards in all the categories she was nominated for. Heheh! Can't complain about that. And neither do I want to complain about the fact that the censor's proverbial scissors and theirfrosted window panes over women's cleavages were inconspicuously absent this time around. They were annoyingly distracting rather than "protecting" I reckon. Perhaps the censors HAVE been "getting some" lately then. *Shrug*


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No (Saying) Sex On TV

24 February 2003 15:27

Funny how Tim Allen's dialog on Home Improvement shown over TV3 got bleeped out (okay, it was more like silenced out) for saying "having sex" to his on-screen wife. Just what is wrong with that? Is it wrong for a married couple (albeit on-screen) to say it out? Do the censors reckon that it was too sexually charged that it might arouse the viewers (well, maybe those censors who haven't been "getting some" lately might)? The context of which that piece of dialog was said is as harmless and typical of any husband and wife conversation that I doubt it would cause a twitch in anybody's pants (maybe except those censors who haven't been "getting some" lately). Do they reckon it'd be more appropriate if Tim Allen were to say "bergurau senda" like P. Ramlee does in Madu Tiga instead of "having sex"? :\

The NAM delegates have arrived in the country for the summit that's going to be held over the next couple of days. To the delegates, welcome to Malaysia. Please make the summit worthwhile for all the trouble motorists around the Klang Valley have to put up with when you take on the streets and highways.

Listening to: Chris Rock (feat. Gerald Levert) - No Sex (In The Champagne Room)


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Destination End

19 February 2003 08:58

Oh nobley born
Let the mind be not distracted
Though the road ahead is hard and long
And the journey seems about ending
Oh that which thou art
Let thy gaze be not deflected
Fix thy attention on the goal
And the light that shines so celestial

Onward ever ever on, Destination Eschaton...


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Who Wants To Be A Valentine

15 February 2003 14:46

The most overrated day of the year where Hallmark, Memory Lane and florists make an obscene profit out of poor saps on a heightened state of affection and x-ratedness arousal (to a certain extent on the later part of the day! :P) is here again. I wish I can feel the difference today as compared to the other 364 days of the year just like most other people supposedly do but maybe that's just me. I'm supposed to be all lovey-dovey sugary sweet today but ended up being just as horny as any other day. Bwahahahahahahaaa! Sighhhhhhhhh...

Listening to: The Wannadies - You And Me Song


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Of Eid, Porcupines and Cactus

13 February 2003 15:53

A quick one to wish all Muslims out there Eid Adha. Hope y'all fared better than I do this time around 'cos I'm seriously not so well at the moment (extremely bad sore throat that it feels like a porcupine humping a cactus in my throat). Ayah thought I wasn't up to it to make it for Eid prayers this morning so he didn't even wake me up. Haiyo! Even worse, Mama's cooked all the nice ketupat, rendang and curry and I can't have 'em 'cos of my friggin' sore throat! :(


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Let's Talk About Girls

8 February 2003 17:49

Girls... they are beautiful
They are nice
They are sensitive

But girls, I can't understand you because...

If I say you're pretty, you'll say you're not
If I say someone is pretty, you'll get jealous
If I say you're weak, you'll say "You're wrong!"
If I treat you rough, you'll scream "I'm a lady"
If I say you can't cook, you'll get angry
If you cook... yucks!!!
If I help you, you'll say I'm wooing
If I don't, you'll say I don't care
If I phone you, you'll say I'm wasting your time
If I don't, you'll say you miss me
If I kiss you, you'll say I'm taking advantage
If I don't, you'll say I'm not romantic
If I remember your birthday, you'll say it's nothing
If I don't, you'll cry without stopping. And much much more

And lastly, if I say I love you, you never give your answer
If I say I don't... Better forget it

Girls... I don't know how to understand you,
But without you,
I don't know what life will be

I still like you.

Taken off this site.


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When Geeks Hang Out

6 February 2003 01:36

Had a chance to hang out with Mel (Spoonfork) and Yus (Leafbug) yesterday afternoon at Glo Jeans, KLCC. Babewatching in networking context has never been more fun! Much props and respect go out to them l33t dudez! Heh!

Spoonfork has a nice write up too about the state of our radio stations and listeners. Couldn't agree more.

Listening to: OPM - Stash Up


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Space Shuttle Columbia Disintegrates During Re-Entry

2 February 2003 15:37

My thoughts are with the families of those perished in this tragedy. Columbia was the first space shuttle that was launched into space after NASA discontinued the Apollo space programme. It is unfortunate that it also had to be the first to cause loss of lives during orbit or re-entry. it's about time they start retiring the shuttle fleet for something new. The space shuttle, like the Columbia, has been in service for a good two decades already. It's really something that was built out of the 70s and retrofitted as it went along the years. It's time NASA is given some proper funding if the space programme were to continue.

And what were they thinking?? I quote: 'A Bush administration spokesman said the shuttle's altitude -- over 200,000 feet -- made it "highly unlikely" that the shuttle fell victim to a terrorist act.' Duh! Do they really need to sensationalize their war against terrorism propaganda at this time too?

Update: There are also news reports sensationalizing people gloating over the event as something of a God's punishment and deservingly so for having an Israeli on board. Totally odious, pathetic and downright below contempt, and I mean it towards BOTH that person they interviewed and the news report itself. It's sick.


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Goodbye Horse, Hello Goat

2 February 2003 03:11

The Chinese usher in the lunar year of the goat today. Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the new year bring good tidings, happiness and prosperity!


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Two Weeks And Goodbye 56K (I Hope)

1 February 2003 14:11

Streamyx apparently has made its way to Kajang and a reseller came by asking whether I was interested to sign up. Before he could even break out his brochures to explain the thing I was already filling out the forms! What took them so long?? I've been waiting for broadband services to reach here since ages ago! I was on the verge of hypothesizing a conspiracy by Telekom to delay broadband services to the masses so that they can still milk money out of poor saps on dial-ups. It really doesn't make sense to pay a lot for piss-poor services when cheaper yet better technology is already out there. I'm sure just about anybody will look forward to paying only RM111 for faster unlimited access rather than a total of RM200 (or thereabouts) for slow as molasses access if they use the Internet as much as I do.


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