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Site Revamp Coming Soon

18 January 2003 09:07

I was meaning to get the site revamped earlier (yes, front end this time! This site has been sporting the same look and feel for the last year and a half already!) but there's just tons of other things that I gotta do (not bad for someone who's not exactly working, eh? ;) that I just have to put it off for now (for the, I don't know... 258th time? :P). I'm posting the stuff I've been writing offline for the last two weeks or so. I know it's cheating but seems to me like some people actually pay attention to all the rambling I do here so we don't wanna disappoint them now do we? ;) To all you people who bother coming here either daily or time to time, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

On another note, Spoonfork has ceased blogging for now. I do hope that he's gonna bring it back sometime later.


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White White Back Home

17 January 2003 11:04

Took White White (the cat) back home today. He doesn't look good. At least he's back and seems like he's happy to be home now, rather than being caged up at the vet and hooked up to an IV for drips. As mentioned in my previous post, we'll just have to wait it out and see.


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Jammin' On The Road

12 January 2003 13:03

I've been spending quite a considerable time being on the road within the Klang Valley lately. And those who know me know what I usually have to say about it: unnecessary stress. There was a MASSIVE traffic jam for motorists heading into the city area this afternoon. I just can't help but wonder just what on earth were these people who design the roads thinking? With the exception of highways, I do not know if smooth traffic flow was ever a criteria considered in constructing roads within KL/PJ. They seem to be taking a reactionary approach to things rather than planning a long term solution, much like giving painkillers to patients for temporary relief rather than taking care of it at the root cause of the pain. Sure, they can widen the road all they want, but when it comes to the other end of the road, it gets bottlenecked to one lane again. Other factors they forgot to consider when designing roads in Malaysia include for use by motorcycles, buses, construction trucks and of course, Malaysian driving habits. With respect to building roads in the city, the approach here is the reverse of the norm, i.e. you put up buildings first then build roads around it. Perhaps there really is nothing much that can be done but at least put some thought into it before wasting precious tax-payers money. Oh yeah, new roads that are opened here comes with the obligatory toll-gates that charges motorists so unreasonably that most drivers would avoid using it and stick with the toll-free road anyway (think Kerinchi Highway)

Enough bitching. You can tell I really don't like driving around the Klang Valley, can't you? :\


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White White Very Ill

10 January 2003 13:51

White White, the family cat of 16 (yes -- one six, sixteen) years, hasn't been well lately. He hasn't been eating much for the last couple of days and has become dehydrated. So we sent him to the vet this afternoon and it doesn't look good. If he suffers from functional kidney failure then there's not much that can be done. He's already very well passed most cat's usual life expectancy. We'll just have to wait it out, I guess. We're leaving him at the vet for a couple of days just to see if he could recover, if at all.


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Gloria Jeans: The More Expensive Cybercafe?

10 January 2003 13:39

Spent the afternoon lepak-ing (hang out lah!) at Gloria Jeans, KLCC with Albert and Shaz of the fame. Airzed is having a free trial of wireless Internet usage at the vicinity so we brought our laptops equipped with 802.11b WiFi cards for a spin. Not too bad. We were downloading stuff from the Internet like nobody's business (also helped by the fact that no one else was using the wireless facilities besides us!). Of course, this by all means is too geekish of a way to pick up girls or ladies. Unless they too are the geeky ones (nahh, not likely). Besides, I don't think I can spend too much time at places like that everyday. Let's see if there are any mamak stalls out there willing to do something like this. For one regular iced mocha, I can get a few teh-o-ais or teh ais limau. :P

Sidenote: Funny how I can just get on to the Internet as soon as I turn my laptop on whereas Shaz had to sign-up and authenticate first in order to get on to the Internet. Also, peer-to-peer networking, i.e. doing simple file sharing between laptops, is not possible over the local WLAN (IPSec between the AP and laptop?). I guess I still have to keep that cross-cable handy when I go to these places then in case I wanna copy files over. Bahh!


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First Post Of 2003

7 January 2003 09:57

I just sat for one of the Microsoft Certified Professional exams this afternoon. I still object to such certifications 'cos really, I do not see the point of it. It's really a product/technology centric test and with Microsoft updating their products/technology on a very short cycle, the certification becomes obsolete just as soon as the product/technology goes through an update. I would rather be tested on understanding the fundamentals and principles of systems administration or design instead since that would have a broader scope and will not reach obsolence just as quickly, if ever. The exam already costs quite a bit and the idea of having to fork out that much money to recertify yourself after every product cycle seems pointless. You don't have to re-obtain your college/uni degree, do you?

Anyway, the thing was a cinch, I passed. The only thing it wasn't easy on was the wallet. :P So, why did I take the exam anyway? Let's just say it's a requirement to get something going on for now. Microsoft sure has a way of making sure money comes in by various means.

Update: I just found the presence of so calledBraindump sites (for Dumb Brains, if you ask me). With these kind of things being out there, doesn't this "cheapen" the value of such certifications anyway?


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My 2002 In Retrospect

1 January 2003 14:56

Just spent the day cleaning up my room. The desk by the window really needed to be clear of the clutter. :P Too many bits and pieces of printouts, cables, old bills, receipts, statements, etc. etc. were lying around. Out with the old, and let the new printouts, cables, bills, receipts, statements, etc. etc. accumulate! I'll be doing the same thing in another 365 days from now... :P

We're on the verge of leaving 2002 and ushering in 2003. So how has 2002 been? In a nutshell, it was a year quite littered with personal angsts. There were just too many things that I was pissed off with and most of it were due to things I had no control over. Things weren't all that bad though. There were the occasional happy moments that temporarily eclipsed the bad things. Then of course, towards the end of the year, things did look up a bit, mostly due toAdik's Wedding (Heh! I still can't stop hyping it! :P)

Anyways, so how does this line things up for 2003? If 2002 was the year I lost control, 2003 is the year I hope to take control again. Look at it this way: At least if I screw it up, I'll just be angry with me and not anyone else 'cos it's my own doing. ;)

Happy two double-oh three, y'all...


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