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The Die Is Cast

26 November 2002 16:57

I have done something yesterday that can potentially be one of those defining moments in my life. I have to refrain from telling anything about it now as the time is not yet right to do so as it has not actually passed yet. In a nutshell, I've had enough of what I've been through. Time for an about turn and get along to another chapter. Just wait it out towards the end of the year when things are clearer. It's exciting just as it is scary, especially in these times...

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Birthday Shoutout

26 November 2002 02:23

A quick birthday shoutout to Mama! Happy Birthday! Many happy returns. Sorry I cannot be there this year to celebrate your birthday as I'm still stuck here in Singapore with this assignment. Hope you find the gift to be of some use! ;)


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Knowledge is Power, Language is Key

25 November 2002 07:55

I was chatting with Lina over a couple of things and one of the things we talked about was the use of English in Science and Mathematics subjects in our schools. Both she and I kinda agree: Why the concentration on science and mathematics only? Why not strengthen the English curriculum properly so that students have a broader mastery of the language that can open not only the realm of science and mathematics, but also other things, e.g. economics, humanity, philosophy and heck, even religion!

I consider myself lucky to attend schools that had better methods in teaching the English language. For one, when I was in lower secondary school, their English curriculum was different than that of other schools. There were three types of English classes, one that taught grammar and vocabulary (to teach the basic mechanics of the language and use of words respectively), another was literature (to teach comprehension) and finally composition (to teach writing and expression). Then in upper secondary, I was again lucky to have English teachers who had a creative way to make learning English a fun and doable thing for everybody (have you ever thought of using the Arabic script to write English sentences and compositions? Heh! I gotta thank Mr. Amin for teaching me that!) And throughout certain weeks, besides the usual classes other than English, we are not allowed to speak other languages except English in the hallways, teacher's room, or even the admin office! Looking back at it, I certainly am grateful to have those for it made me where I am right now. Kids these days oughtta have those kinda things as well (Gee. I sound like I'm some kinda frickin' grown up or something...)


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Tell Why Along With The What and Where

24 November 2002 15:52

In the midst of cries for war in the fight against terrorism, I'm glad that there's actually someone out there who's voicing out to Americans tolook deeper into the issue. Dr. M has repeatedly mentioned it in the past and most people don't get it (and they still don't to date). I think it was Confuscious once said that smart people are the ones who asks why. I'm somewhat glad that some Americans are indeed smartening up on this issue.


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About A Flight Conversation

21 November 2002 14:19

On the flight back to KL recently, I had a conversation with a manager from a leading global chemical and plastics manufacturer. Nice Malay chap from Kampung Baru and very humble too. Our conversation touched a couple of things about but one thing he brought me to realize is that there are indeed many smart and bright people in the country who happen to be in the forefront of bleeding edge technology. Unfortunately, there are many more unscrupulous people who happen to be managers of these people whose concern is making more money in the shortest time possible and forsaking everything else, even their principles at times. It's a shame really.

On another note, here's a dose of sad reality for the Malay community which I reckon can be a bitter pill to swallow to some. I just wish they'd work those grey cells a bit before over-reacting. Wake up, people!

Of late, I've noticed Utusan itself to be stirring racial sentiments and blaming others.RTM is just as guilty. That's what you get when you get a bunch of kiss ass-ers to run Government owned mass medium. They take it too far to please the masters.

Just bought Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Rings Platinum Edition and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones DVDs. I must admit that I haven't watched the former when it came out in the theatres. Time to get me keropok and warm drinks and cosy up in front of the laptop (unfortunately, that's the only device available to me to watch DVDs right now).


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Ramadhan In Singapore

20 November 2002 13:41

We're halfway through Ramadhan already. This year's Ramadhan has gotta be the suckiest Ramadhan in terms of breaking of fast. I pretty much break fast on my own and most of the time, at the office desk with just a bottle of plain water and a couple of dates. I'll only have my meal like about an hour or so later when I'm done for the day and get back to my apartment. The other day, when I was going back to KL for the weekend and then coming back here to Singapore, both times I had to break my fast on the plane. Although the spirit of Ramadhan is there, the atmosphere is not felt at all this year. It can be trying at times, but that's what Ramadhan is all about. I really miss those sumptuous Ramadhan buffets back home. :(


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Knock Knock

13 November 2002 13:51

How many times in your life have you got a babelicious blond hothoochiemomma come knocking on your apartment door? I got one today. If only the apartment she was looking for was mine. Dang!


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I Wear A Mask Called Counterfeit

7 November 2002 08:07

I find that I cannot easily pretend to be all nice and happy when just about everything that comes in my way at this point is not right and is pissing me off big time. Pretending gets tiring after a while and on top of that, it just feels like as if I'm faking and cheating through my own life. I can distract my thoughts all I want but at the end of it, things aren't any better off anyway 'cos they're still there. If I had my way, I would like to get to the root cause of it and have it taken care of altogether but unfortunately it's something that I have no direct control over.

God certainly has a funny sense of timing too when it comes to these things, but that's Him. My tolerance level is certainly going to be tested indeed in this holy month of Ramadhan.

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World Sexiest Pick Up Line?

4 November 2002 15:48

The world's sexiest sentence alive is apparently "My breast flipped inside out so my nipple touched my heart.” Orgasmic, yet touchy feely with a hint of crassness. It was even judged using some mathematical formula to be the best too! Heck, I'd make out with with any babellicious booty honey who'd say that to me in response to The Most Complete and Most Useless Collection of Pick-Up Lines.

Rambling does wonders, not to mention being therapeutic too. Happy Diwali to all those celebrating.

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The Bargaining Game

2 November 2002 13:53

I hate having to bargain when shopping for things. It's always a psychological battle between yourself and the salesperson. It's like a poker game and how much you're willing to give in to the salesperson's counter offers. After all, just as you'd like to purchase the product, they would like to get the goods out of their stores and earn some sales commission in the process as well. Some people I know, e.g. my Dad, treat bargaining like an artform of a game which they play very well.

I don't normally go for the jugular when it comes to bargaining (I usually ask for a price that is a tad under and more or less be happy with it) but an encounter with a salesman at one of the shops where I was going to help buy a digital camera for a colleague got me all riled up to go full on ('cos the price he was asking is exorbitantly higher than the last time I checked, not to mention the cocky and somewhat condescending attitude he had -- funny that he expects to sell stuff in that manner). Anyhow, as much as I think I have the tactics figured out (just like those salespeople have the customers figured out), in the end, after some exhaustive bargaining and eventually making the purchase, I just can't help feeling like a schmoe when I find out that I could have driven the price much lower with the shop still making some profit out of the sale. Then again, for those people who don't play this game well (like yours truly), would the extra dollars saved worth the additional arguments, time and effort spent to get it?


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