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I Want More TV

10 October 2002 14:54

I always thought Singapore residents are lucky in the sense that they get to receive various TV stations from here, Malaysia and even Indonesia. Not so recently. Apparently, if you happen to stay at one of those apartment blocks here and do not have one of those TV top antennas, you're pretty much out of luck. Here in my apartment, apart from Singapore's own terrestial TV channels, I can only get RTM 1 from Malaysia (aarrgghh!). And their programming on those channels you receive isn't something to shout much about either.


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Frustration Is...

9 October 2002 06:34

... putting food that I need to eat to in order to stay alive right beside me whilst locking up the fork and spoon away in a safe and then subsequently tying me to my chair with my hands behind my back. I can still eat (albeit not finish it all) but it calls for some acrobatics in order for me to accomplish it. That is pretty much the analogy of the situation I'm in right now.

God I hate proxy servers... :(((


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From Orchard Road To Kajang

5 October 2002 15:47

Here's how my day and journey went for today from Orchard Road, Singapore to Kajang, Selangor:

  • Apartment -> Orchard Road MRT Station (on foot)
  • Orchard Road -> Tampines (via MRT)
  • Worked (8:30am - 6:15pm)
  • Tampines MRT station -> Changi Airport (via MRT)
  • Changi Airport -> Kuala Lumpur International Airport (via flight MH622)
  • KLIA Airport -> KL Sentral (via ERL)
  • KL Sentral -> Kajang Train Station (via KTM Komuter)
  • Kajang Train Station -> Home (on foot)
I'm back at Kajang for the weekend as part of the fortnightly flyback deal whilst on this project. Gotta do some errands to settle a few personal stuff over the weekend. It's gonna be tight too.

You gotta check this out. It totally owns!


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