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Kwai Chang Caine Vs. Walker Texas Ranger

31 October 2002 13:12

Always cracks me up reading this page.


    "The ox is srow, but the earth is patient." Crear-ry, Caine is most thoughtfur of plesent day kung fu mastas. His moves are consistent and without mistake. He has comprete glasp of both snake and wandeling camer (defensive) technique and is the betta wallia. Texas Langa must rook for success somewha otha than fighting Caine.
Yes, my head's wandering mindlessly.


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To Challenge And Be Challenged

30 October 2002 14:45

Do not be afraid to be challenged by others,
And you need not stop so long as you know you are right;
Likewise, do not be afraid to challenge others,
But stop before it makes you too arrogant.

Go figure and learn it well, Grasshopper.


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28 October 2002 16:43

When the reality of something upsetting starts to sink in, your mind just seems to be thrown into a blender with its lid taken off. Bits and pieces of thoughts and emotions gets ripped apart and go flying off in different tangents. You just can't seem to put it all together as everything is just so fragmented and out of control from your prespective. After some time, when you do manage to pull yourself through it all, although on the outside it may seem that you're alright, the scar inflicted on the inside from the experience will most likely stay with you. Is that why people sometimes say that they can forgive but will never forget?

It doesn't stop there yet. The whole thing will then result changes in perception on certain things which will then become the basis for a defense mechanism that gets built to avoid falling into that upsetting situation in the first place. Is that why people sometimes change so drastically after having encountered those situations?


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No More Mr. Nice Guy?

27 October 2002 10:30

Perhaps I'm on a real short fuse these days, but what's the point of going out of the way being nice to other people without expecting anything in return and then you end up treated like shit later anyways? All my life, I've always believed and have been taught to respect and treat other people nicely and not to expect much, if anything, in return. But recently, I've been finding that people have been taking advantage of my being nice and been stepping me on the head a lot which eventually ends me up at the short end of the stick. The whole thing is getting a little long in the tooth. Time for a personality change?

Listening to: Ice Cube (feat. DMX) - We Be Clubbin' (Remix)


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I Tried So Hard, And Got So Far... But In The End...

25 October 2002 16:22

I bet nobody likes it when you lose something you worked on for so long and so hard in a blink of the eye, especially on something that you grow attached to over time. What rubs it in is that it is through factors that you don't have direct control of but yet can still affect you directly. For me, this hasn't been the first time. Yet, everytime it happens, I end up being majorly pissed of with myself and then after some time, I'll be back at it again only to go into the cycle again. Am I being resilient or just plain stupid? Since this isn't the first time, how many more there is to come? Will this pretty much be the theme of my life?


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Some R & R

21 October 2002 14:58

Nelly had it withHot In Herre. Now Christina Aguilera is having it with Dirrty. What's up with them double r's? I'm so anxiously waiting for"Horrny" by anyone who would "darre".

Just got back from KL for the weekend. Weekend's "overr" and I'm still so "tirred". Hope I won't be too "crranky" come "tomorrrrow" (okay, I'll stop!)


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It's All About The He Said She Said Bullshit

17 October 2002 14:22

As is evident from the recent water spate between Malaysia and Singapore. What irks me most is how the media on both sides is harping up on the issue. It seems like although both sides are talking in English, they don't seem to speak the same language.


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Pandemonium In Paradise

15 October 2002 12:15

Them fuckheads are at it again and this time it's in the paradise island of Bali, Indonesia. I reckon this could very well be in retaliation to the recent stance taken by the United States in its fight against terrorism and also its insistence of going to war with Iraq despite the latter's willingness to allow weapons inspectors in without restrictions. There is so much fear, anger and hatred in this world today. I wish the superpowers would take a more tact and intelligent approach in this matter instead of using just might and brawn. I mean, you don't pour gasoline onto fire. You don't fight fire with fire. You'll just get more fire and heat that will burn and scar humanity. Certainly revenge and retaliation would breed more hatred and suffering. Consider the lives of the innocent people, the women, the children and the elderly. As the Malay saying goes, "Gajah sama gajah yang gaduh, pelanduk pula yang mati di tengah" (Whilst the elephants fight, it is the deer that dies in its midst).


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Esplanade Officially Opens

13 October 2002 15:32

Singapore today officially opens its Esplanade - Theatre On The Bay. I took the opportunity this evening to find my way there and stayed around to see some of the things they were having (performances by groups from all over the world and fireworks!). The Esplanade is Singapore's take of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The building has a rather unique look to it. Think of it as a cross between Disney's Epcot Center and the durian! :) Check out the pictures (finally!) and be the judge yourself!

Oh yeah. Got my hands on the Spider-Man - Limited Edition Collector's Gift Set DVD at HMV.


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Wacky Walking

12 October 2002 12:43

One of the better things in Singapore as compared to Malaysia is the sidewalks. Generous space for pedestrians all over. However, I find Singapore's pedestrians a weird bunch altogether. In other places I've been to, pedestrians just seem to take on one side of the walking lane and then "automatically" keep with the flow. Here, there's none of those. They walk on whichever side they want. Not only that, they seem to walk at a very leisurely pace like the kind of walk you'd do at the beach. And if you're like me who walks at a faster pace, the whole thing can be rather exasperating.


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