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A Week Into

30 September 2002 14:27

It's been a week I've been in Singapore already. After an initial hiccup with the arrangement for my accomodation upon arrival a week ago, everything's been quite swell. I must admit that I didn't really get to settle down the first couple of days as I would like due to that hiccup. Now that it's all behind, it's time to get my head down to business. I've been put up at a service apartment smack in the middle of the Singapore metropolitan, i.e. Orchard Road. The upside is that many amenities, shopping, and ahem... "visual treats" are just within walking distance. The downside? Pricey ('cept for them visual treats, of course)! But that's not so much of an issue since the project site which I'm assigned to has some amenities as well so it really is not that bad. And speaking of work, although it's more of an execution rather than designing and planning (which I would like more), it still presents some interesting sides to it since it's not always that I get to see an implementation of some complex computing infrastructure used as part of a global financial institution. Sweet.

Anyhow, I went around Orchard Road yesterday and managed to get my hands on The Simpsons Complete Second Season DVD along with Jay-Z Unplugged, Dave Matthews Band's Busted Stuff and Avant's Ecstasy CDs (Yes, I cannot find copies of those back home yet). That oughtta keep me amused during my stay here (Yes, I'll do a mini review of 'em, but don't count on it too much). This afternoon I dropped by my grand uncle and aunt's place somewhere near the Jurong area before winding down my weekend with some grocery shopping and laundry. Welcome back, life on my own! It's been awhile!

Update (2241 hours): Just got an email from my Mom that one of our cats, Puffy, has gone to kitty heaven. He was killed by some stray dogs a couple of nights ago. I am, somewhat distressed at the moment to say the least. Funny little cat he was. Rest in peace, little buddy.


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Leaving For Kiasu Land

23 September 2002 08:07

I'll be off to Singapore later this evening on a job related assignment that's going to last about three months or so. This website may or may not be updated as often but it's not going to stop me from doing the usual offline writing and uploading it whenver I can. Wish me luck down there


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Paint Jobbing

22 September 2002 15:41

Spent almost the whole day helping Bart out painting his new apartment at Ukay Perdana. There's a spot in that apartment (near the entrance of the master and second bedroom from the living area) where there's a burst of the primary colors (that's red, yellow and blue!) which kinda 'hits' you in the eye! We jokingly told him that if Jotun (the paint company) needs a showcase house or apartment, they could use his! Heheheh!


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Digicam Fixed

20 September 2002 14:06

I got my Nikon Coolpix 775 digicam fixed at the service center today. The navigation button has been broken since a couple of weeks ago and when the camera was brought to the service center earlier, they said they didn't have the necessary replacement part and they needed about two weeks or so to get it in. Since I had an urgent need to use the camera for Adik's Engagement the other day, I decided to hang on to it and make the best out of it. It was still usable (as evident from the pictures taken) but it called for some creative shot angles and such since I wasn't able to zoom in or out. Anyhow, the service rendered was surprisingly fast! I honestly thought that I would have to leave it for a day at least but when the guy asked me to wait for half and hour, I was pleasantly surprised already. Hence, getting the camera back in working condition after 15 minutes gave me a shock!


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Excellence Vs. Politics

17 September 2002 17:05

Being a technical idealist in almost, if not, all the time, I've always been undervaluing politics. And unfortunately in this world that we live in, politics almost always have the greater influence than any technical excellence that anybody can come up with on any day no matter how good the latter is. So what do the users or consumers get in the end? A piss poor solution that they would have to live with just because the people with authority have their own interests or stakes to keep whilst forsaking the betterment of the greater collective. Makes me sick to my stomach.


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Adik Engaged

15 September 2002 13:47

Adik is now officially engaged to Zamri after a short engagement ceremony held at our place late afternoon today. Pictures are here.


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September 11 Remembered But Learnt?

12 September 2002 15:22

Today marks the 1st anniversary of what could be the worst terrorist attack on America's own soil. Amidst all the pomp and splendor in remembering the horrific event, I can't help but wonder if America has somewhat opened her eyes to things beyond her border to be more sensitive and respectful of other people's views and beliefs. The American way is not the only way and that it cannot be imposed upon others as America wills. Ignorance and arrogance has no place on this planet just as those who commit acts of terror.


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Introducing The Phuturecams

8 September 2002 03:58

After a few months of experimenting and evaluating, I think I got to the point where I actually dare to put my face up on this website almost constantly. And a rather clear one too (ever noticed that my face almost never shows up on this website and even if it does, it's always in black & white, blurred, etc. etc?). So here it is, y'all: the Phuturecams.

Listening to: Lil' Kim (feat. Phil Collins) - In The Air Tonite


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7 September 2002 02:24

No, it's not THAT song by Britney Spears.

Sometimes you will cry
and no one will see your tears;
Sometimes you will laugh
and no one will see you smile;
Sometimes you will fear
and no one will see you shudder;
Sometimes you will lie
and no one will catch you up;
Sometimes you will fall
and no one will see you struggle;
Sometimes you will be late
and no one will seem to notice;
But fart just one time...
I know, I know. How juvenile! :P


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Geek Speek In Publeek

6 September 2002 14:44

I'm sure those people in the KTM Komuter were looking at me weird as I was explaining the VPN connection sequence to one of our client's tech support personnel over the cellphone on the way home. "No! You're not seeing any IP 47 (GRE) traffic on your firewall 'cos your VPN server is not done authenticating the user! Yes! I know there's connection going on over TCP port 1723, but that's just the PPTP control traffic, which also includes stuff for the authentication also-lah! Aiyahhh!" There goes my street cred, man...


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