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Personal Takes on MTV VMA 2002

31 August 2002 17:25

For lack of better thing to do on the eve of a holiday weekend, spent the later part of the evening watching the MTV VMA 2002. Here are my personal takes on this year's show:

  • Jimmy Falon rules! I'm always a sucker for parodies and the intro sequence where he imitated Eminem, The White Stripes, Avril Lavigne, Dave Matthews Band, Nelly (is it "Hot In Herrrrre?" Heh!), Enrique Iglesias (spotted cuddling with Kournikova) and finally a duet with the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, was just priceless! Oh yeah, he did a great job of hosting too.
  • Bruce Springsteen shouldn't waste his time (or rather, MTV shouldn't waste The Boss' time) at the VMAs anymore. Grammy's or American Music Awards would be a more appropriate venue.
  • Is it just me or does Michael Jackson seem to have a deeper voice now?
  • Britney's turned biker chick, and while other people were showing off cleavages, Christina's showing nice 'neathages. Was that a boob job too?
  • MTV's moshpit crowd is very well behaved, returning Shakira to the stage without her missing even a beat. That woman can really shake her thang too, nahmsayin?
  • Who DIDN'T P.Diddy bring on the stage during his performance?
  • Will the real Marshall Mathers really hit a person with glasses? What's up with that?
  • Three words: Guns 'N Roses!
For some reason or another, some parts of the show were not shown here, i.e. Murder Inc's (Ja Rule, Ashanti, etc.) performance with Nas, J-Lo's and former New York's Mayor Rudy Giuliani's tribute to New Yorkers and intro to Sheryl Crow's performance. One can probably guess why. I can't.


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Book and Mag

30 August 2002 13:08

Been a while since I last bought me a book. So I got me"The Universe In A Nutshell" by Stephen Hawking. Also been a while since I actually bought a magazine. So I got me a copy of this month's FHM. I suppose I have what I need this month to learn about Babes and The Universe. :P


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My Website: Happy 1st Birthday

28 August 2002 14:49

Almost let this one slip by. This website is exactly a year old today. So how has it been? From the very first post till this entry itself, it's been a rather interesting experiment for me. What started out as something where I can put quick personal notes/observations of the day, it turned out to be part of the blog phenomenon (this site is NO phenomenon by any means). The code that runs and manages the contents of this website has also gone through several revisions, from managing the daily entries, articles, photos and links, to taking guestbook entries, taking comments, and viewing the webstats. It's also been a great fun learning experience for me as far as coding in ASP and Javascript is concerned. However, if there's one thing that I wasn't able to fulfil is to package the source code of this website for public consumption. This can be mostly attributed to my own sloppiness in coding the stuff and also this obligatory thing in life called job. I shall and will get it out of the door. Only this time, I'm declaring it to be ready When It's Done(TM). Happy Birthday, Website.


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Fated Loser

26 August 2002 13:31

People say that I oughtta consider myself being lucky and should be grateful on whatever I have achieved up to this point. Truth is, they're really small and even when combined, it cannot make up for the things and opportunities that I've lost along the way. The sorriest part is that most of the time, it's not by my own doing. Perhaps I should resign to the fact and fate that I will always end up on the losing end when and where it matters the most.


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Groovy GeForce Goodness (Part Deux)

24 August 2002 18:41

So goes my Friday night fun. Tonight I got down to it, took my PC apart, took the good ol' GeForce3 out and slotted the spanking new GeForce4 in. Got the latest Detonator drivers installed and fired up 3DMark2001SE. Hmm. Only a difference of about 1200 3DMarks (it went from 4534 to 5811). A little investigation revealed that whatever stuff the GeForce4 is able to do on my machine, is all CPU bound already. Funny how getting a piece of computer hardware can lead to subsequent purchases of more hardware (and will result in attempts to sell of the old hardware at half of current retail price, i.e. 60%-70% loss). Anybody knows where I can source a Socket 370 Intel Pentium III 1 or 1.3Ghz chip? I promise, this will be the last video card and processor I'll be getting since if I need to max out further, it'll require a whole new motherboard and slew of other stuff. :P

Having some issues with the video capture function on the card's drivers (the nVidia Universal WDM Service). Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't. Also, AsusLive doesn't work anymore since it needs Video for Windows (VfW) and the GF4 doesn't come with any which sucks cos the Asus Digital VCR software doesn't allow me to watch the video feed in overlay mode and it's causing the CPU utilization to go 80% when it's running.


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Groovy GeForce Goodness

23 August 2002 15:52

I just got my grubby hands on the ASUS V8440 GeForce4 Ti4400 Deluxe video card. Don't think I'll be fitting it into my PC tonight. Gotta backup (i.e. Ghost) my PC in its current form onto CD like I usually do. Besides, it's already way too late to start working at it at this time of day. There's always tomorrow and the weekend. I'm in no hurry.


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'Cos Hate Is All The World Has Ever Seen Lately

21 August 2002 13:23

More hate and gross generalization of Islam. I wasn't aware that they had a Muslim to pray over this year's graduating class at my alma mater. I really hate those fuckheads who slammed those planes last year September.


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Centerspread Superstar?

20 August 2002 02:38

Heh... Bart sent me word that I made it in a certain daily's computer pullout centerspread. Just the kinda stuff I need... a pictoral proof that'll act as the seal of approval to confirm my geek status (yerright like them girls are gonna dig this...)


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The H3870 Has Left The Building

18 August 2002 13:37

So the iPaq (still sealed and unopened since the day I won it at Tech-Ed) has found an owner! Bart dropped by in the evening to take it off my hands. Enjoy your new toy, dude!

My arm is all sore from polishing all the silverware for Adik's engagement and wedding. Bwaarrghh! :(


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116 Trillion Dollars (Pinky Finger To Mouth)

17 August 2002 15:25

The families of the victims of the September 11 attack last year filed several suits totalling up to USD 116 trillion against several organizations and individuals in and out of the USA who purportedly have links with Al-Qaeda.

"It's up to us to bankrupt the terrorists and those who finance them so they will never again have the resources to commit such atrocities against the American people as we experienced on September 11."
Now, isn't it just funny how the American justice system works? They can prosecute the rest of the world for all they want but when it comes to anyone who is outside the USA who attempts to prosecute Americans, it doesn't apply (anyone remember the International Criminal Court episode about a month or two ago?). Just think for a minute: What if the shoe is on the other foot? What if those Palestinian families who have been suffering all their lives due to the terror inflicted on them by the Israelis come up with similiar lawsuits to corporations or organizations (or even the government for that matter) in the United States that have links with Israel?


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