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Ayah's Birthday Bash Dinner

7 July 2002 17:54

So a Happy 63rd Birthday to Ayah! The birthday dinner turned out to be a success with all the invited guests turning up. It became a three-in-one birthday celebration as it's also Adik's birthday this coming Friday (July 12th) and also it was Auntie Non's birthday a couple of weeks back. Many happy returns indeed.


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Relief At Last!

5 July 2002 15:23

After much pestering, I was finally got some days off so it's gonna be a 5 day weekend for me this time around! Whoohoo! I've got some personal errands that I gotta do and on top of that, it's Ayah's birthday this weekend (on the 7th) and Mama's planning to throw some surprises during dinner so there's quite a bit to do.


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I'm Not A Machine, Dammit!

4 July 2002 10:32

I'm all physically and mentally drained already. Why is it so hard for me to apply for a few days leave? My batteries (not to mention morale and motivation) are frickin' dead already I reckon I could use a couple of days off to actually recharge and rejuvenate them. What more can you squeeze out of a rock? Water? Blood? Sheesh!


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Brazil - World Cup 2002 Champions

1 July 2002 14:51

So the month long World Cup 2002 tournament is now over. Brazil emerged champions for the fifth time after trouncing Germany 2-0, with both goals scored by Ronaldo. Yesterday, Korea's fine run during the World Cup campaign ended when they were beaten 3-2 in a highly entertaining match that saw Hakan Sukur scoring after 11 seconds into the game, the fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup tournament.

We now return you to your normal lives...


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