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I Think Therefore I.M.

29 September 2001 15:54

I've been very much an MSN Messenger user all this while. I do have accounts on other messenger platforms but I've pretty much stuck with MSN 'cos it's been made the standard at my workplace and I'm just too lazy to install other messenger software on my machine. I guess I have somewhat abandoned some of my pals who are on other platforms all this while. Not anymore! I just discovered something called Jabber and I'm just hooked! This thing is like the Swiss Army knife of IM! I can be on all IM platforms at the same time by just using Jabber alone! It's also not tied to any specific OS as it supports almost all OS in existence due to the fact that it's also Open Source. The Jabber client that I use has a rather clean User Interface as well so that's another plus point. I've always hated the cluttered state of the ICQ interface and that has somewhat put me off as well. I guess I have no excuse for not being in touch with my friends using other IMs now! Enough geektalk...

I think I've pretty much decided on which digital camera to get, theCanon Powershot A20. I'm decided on the features and this one is smack on target. It has also got good reviews on Amazon. I'm gonna be going out this weekend to do some price surveys on this thing. Also to check if it's actually available in this country! :\

Oooh! Here's a new babe on the block: Jolene Blalock. She's playing science officer T’Pol on the new Star Trek prequel series Enterprise. Speaking of babes, Ms. Teen USA is showing on TV right now. It's amazing that these young women have great minds to go with their looks. Visual AND mental stimulation! Grrrroowwwrrr! Anyways, later y'all! Drool time! :P~~~


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Worms and BGP Routing Instability

29 September 2001 03:16

I knew it!!! But I didn't know how to prove it. Read my post some few days back (i.e. ISP'S SERIOUS LAG-NESS). Anyhow, some people out there did the legwork and put up a preliminary report on it. Interesting!


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Ralph Girl Compo Results

27 September 2001 17:56

Just got back from the Bali dance club after watching Adik compete in the Ralph Girl competition. She ended up winning the consolation prize. It's a competition won by the underdogs really! Even the one who was voted the highest in the qualifying round ended up winning the consolation prize as well! Anyways, I gotta give props to her for actually making it this far even. Right now, I'm just looking forward to lesser mirror hoggings going around in the house. ;) She's vain I tell you! Vain! And I'm the jerk-aholic brother, you say? Yeah, I know! Bwaahahahahaa!


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I'll Think About It

25 September 2001 14:34

Okay, so why is the side panel empty? I dunno. Seems like an awful lot of real-estate being to put to waste eh? Then again, I've seen other sites that are even emptier and have its contents being put in a 150 pixel wide table with 8 point fonts. I'll think about it.

Next question, why aren't there many (if any) graphics/pictures on this site? Perhaps it's just my nature. I'm not a graphics or design person in the first place. Inspirations for graphics design come to me sparsely. Besides, I'd like to keep it simple for now. Minimalism is the order of the day. I just hope that it doesn't apply content wise in the long run. Pictures wise, well, here is something that I can show. It was taken from my previous website. I've got loads of pictures before, but due to my dumbass-ness of restoring the OS on my PC several weeks back, I inadvertantly restored it to the wrong partition and wiped out all the pictures that I had scanned. Not only that, it essentially wiped out some 5 years worth of work, emails, programming stuff, junk, etc. etc. I don't have a scanner at the moment to re-scan all those pictures. I'm contemplating on getting one actually. Either that or a digital camera. Perhaps both. The only issue is fundage. I'll think about it.

On other fronts, the Personal Website Manager system that I've been working on in my spare time is nearing completion. I guess I can call it V0.9 now and as such, it's gone LIVE on the 'Net (otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this stuff, yah! ;) Much of the features I had in mind are already in place. Yesterday another major milestone was acheived with the session management module for the Admin (but WITHOUT using any of them dreaded Session variables or such, that's the trick!) got completed. Minor things such as auto pagination for the Guestbook and Archive section got completed as well. It's almost there. Last one that I haven't gotten to doing is the Bookmark/Link Manager. I still dunno how. I'll think about it.


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Nomad Jukebox's New Firmware Rocks!

23 September 2001 18:32

I just downloaded and patched my Creative Nomad Jukebox's firmware to V2.93 and I can tell you that Creative has finally got something right out for once! Ever since I upgraded my NJB's harddisk from 6GB to 20GB, the darn thing was taking like 3-4 minutes to boot up as opposed to just about 40 seconds with the 6GB. This new firmware takes it back down to 30 seconds. I'm one happy beaver now!


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Adik in Ralph Girl Finals

23 September 2001 03:31

Uhmmm... forgot to mention this way, way earlier but my sister actually made it to the finals of the Ralph Girl competition. I'll just sit back and see how the whole thing goes. I just can't stand all the primping and preening that's going around in the house, not to mention the mirror hogging as well. You're saying I should be more supportive of my sister and all that. Well, I AM gonna be supportive if she wins the whole thing and gets the family on that cruise trip to Phuket! Heh! We could all use some vacation.


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ISP's Serious Lag-ness (Part 2)

23 September 2001 03:17

So it turns out that it wasn't the Nimda virus that's causing all the lag on the ISP network. Saw in the newspaper this morning that apparently some undersea cables that connects Asia to the US got cut off. As usual, this has either to do with some fishing trawlers accidentally cutting off those cables when they drag their nets or those sharks thinking those undersea fibre-optic cables look rather tasty. I dunno but I seem to get really restless whenever I have a really bad connection to the 'Net or even when the electricity goes out. Feels like I can't do anything much. Shows you how much of my life is dependant on those two things. I know, I know. I should reprioritize things in my life. I'm gonna be cleaning my room now...


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Wes Borland's State Of The Nation Address

22 September 2001 06:53

Even Wes Borland (lead guitarist of Limp Bizkit) gets it with regards on the recent hate-crimes being targetted at Arab-Americans. I quote, "People by themselves are smart, but those same people put into a large group can become very stupid." Reminds me of this poster that I really, really wanna get my hands on.


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ISP's Serious Lag-ness

22 September 2001 02:35

Now this really bites. It seems like everytime there's a new virus attack around, JARING's network would just grind to a halt. :( It happened before during the proliferation of the Code Red virus and I'm guessing this time it's due to the Nimda virus (Heh! I just got it! 'Nimda' is 'Admin' spelt backwards! But why?). C'mon! You're the nation's premier ISP for crying out loud! What kind of service is this?! This is definitely not what I expect, especially since I'm PAYING for it. Mind you, I've been a subscriber of theirs since 1996! Looks like I'll be using TIMENet for a while, at least until Nimda's blown over. I used to use MAXISNet as my backup ISP but since they've decided to go for the pay model, TIMENet looks like a good alternative as a backup ISP in case JARING's connection gets flaky.


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Phat Display!

21 September 2001 16:32

Heh! Y'know what? I was working on this site on my laptop and as I was looking at the page, it looks as if the whole display has some sorta "3D" feel to it, y'know, the kind where you like put on some 3D glasses, but you don't have to with this one! I'm not kidding ya! Try looking at this page using some sorta LCD display from an angle! It's phat I tell ya!


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